Product WurthWürth – the name stands for high product quality and excellent service. Nevertheless, the Würth Group is not just a business trading in assembly and fastening material. A very special corporate philosophy and shared values that inform our daily activities underlie the company's longstanding success, be it in Germany, the birthplace of the Würth company, or in any of its more than 400 companies all over the globe. Wurth stands out in the global market with its incredible variety of over 100,000 products to provide it's consumers. Wurth's visionary thinking spurs them to go the extra mile and attain ever new milestones, guaranteeing the lasting development of the family business. All employees are requested to contribute their ideas and their creativity. Demanding and promoting performance is firmly embedded in Würth's corporate culture. Working together in the spirit of optimism, responsibilityand mutual respect are not just empty words, but principles filled with life every day.

Here are some of our products we offer to Automotive factories, service centers, workshops and in cars for personal use:
Chemicals   Tools   Other Products
Rost Off: rust remover   Hand Tools   Fuses (All Types of fuses)
Brake Cleaner   Electric Tools   Cable Ties
Carburettor and Throttle Cleaner   Power Tools   Hose Clamps
HHS Family: Grease spray   Pneumatic Tools   Sanding and abrasive
Car Care products   Special Tools   Cutting and grinding discs
Thread locker   Torque wrenches   Safety Products: Gloves, Shoes, Masks, etc…
Super Glue       Fasteners: (screws, nuts, washers)
UBS Family: body spray for protection       Electric Connectors and Sockets
Zinc Spray       Storing Systems
Industry Cleaner        
Additives for Oil and Fuel        
Hand Cleaner for workshops        
and many other products

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