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EYQUEM, French spark plugs manufacturer, is the number 1 in France and 5th worldwide in the spark plugs market.

For more than 100 years, EYQUEM worked in collaboration with European car makers in developing high-performance and less polluting engines. This confers the company the status of historical and preferred partner of car manufacturers.

Since the beginning of the automobile era, EYQUEM joined victoriously its partners in motor racings. The developments we realize in this frame allow us to engineer better features into our spark plugs for standard cars. From the very start of the engine design, our engineers work with car makers to develop the spark plug of tomorrow.

Our objective is to confirm our leading position, in technology as well as in industrial engineering.

Compatible with most models of all vehicles manufacturers over the world here is some of these models:

Car Models
Alfa Romeo Mazda
Audi Mercedes
Bedford Mitsubishi
BMX Nissan
Chrysler Opel
Cireon Peugeot
Daewoo Porsche
Daihatsu Proton
Fiat Renault
Ford Rover Group
Honda Seat
Hyundai Skoda
Isuzu Smart
Jaguar Subaru
Jeep Suzuki
Kia Toyota
Lada Vauxhall
Lancia Volkswagen
Land Rover Volvo

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